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Poetry & Hybrid Writing:
Upstate New York Gray (no. 1),” “Upstate New York Gray (no. 2)”
Poetry, “Scale”
Yew, “
Psalm,” “window1 & window2”
Brooklyn Rail, “
pink chants,” “grammatica
32 Poems:
“Palm trees blowing, feathers,” “birds, pockets of air.”
Loose Change
, “Eva 1 & Eva 2”
Transom, “troy moon”
Talisman: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, “a suit a suit makes,” “pause between branches,” “Rain”, Poet of the Month April 2103
Academy of American Poets’ Poem-a-Day: “a woman all about love yesterday.”& on Poem Flow
Lana Turner:
windrose,” “How to preserve”
“the very eye of night,” “copy”
RealPoetik: “skin lines,” “seasoned”
Trickhouse: “~”
Academy of American Poets’ Poem-a-Day: “Sisyphusina”
Bone Bouquet:
Drunken Boat:
“Units & Increments”
Poetry Daily:
“Patriarch Sky”
Word For/Word:
“the girl with quiet clothes”
No Tell Motel: “the blue,” “Midwinter,” “Step,” “The 2nd Day of the Tongue,” “Penmanship of Trees”
Anti-: “sister brother bucket horse”
Verse Daily: “spoke”
Shampoo: “shoot the breeze,” “scales”
The Blue Jew Yorker: “Shin, Lamad, Mem”
EOAGH: “pumpkin trash bags,” “inversion, salt lake city”
Omnidawn’s Blog: “to the equinox”
Drunken Boat: “wax,” “Black Flowers,” “the sun a blazing zero”
Diagram: “Please Don’t Tap the Windows,” “Arachne”
La Fovea: “flying to my master,” “Up the Wazoo River”
Pinstripe Fedora: “War, Memory, and Mints”
Coconut: “glass,” “thinking olive patch,” “Nushu,” and “law”
Tarpaulin Sky:“Phytochemicals,” “so”
Can We Have Our Ball Back?:“Ice,” “Ovule”
Electronic Poetry Review:Leaf Weather” “& see unleafed”
Painted Bride Quarterly: “The Grasses Unload their Grief”
Poetry Daily: “Celerity”
How2: “Twin,” “Motion,” “If you’re going to keep criticizing the beginning”
National Public Radio: “Blue Skies”
Poetry Society of America: “Blue Skies”
Web del Sol: “The Existing Lover in Everyday Life,” “Origami,” “Waving”

• • •

Brooklyn Rail: “Micromosaics”
Diagram: “Flounders”
Big Bridge: “Life as an Abstract”
Outsider Ink: “Do With Me What You Will”

• • •

“saidst,” PoetrySeen

• • •

Drunken Boat Reviews Editor:
Drunken Boat, Issue 15
Drunken Boat, Issue 17
Drunken Boat,
Issue 18
Drunken Boat,
Issue 19
Drunken Boat,
Issue 20
Drunken Boat,
Issue 21
Drunken Boat,
Issue 22

Tarpaulin Sky Special Features Editor:
Tarpaulin Sky, Special Features Issue 1
 & ongoing



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