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Michael Peverett closely reads “Penmanship of Trees,” a poem in my book how do i net thee (Salmon Poetry), and places it within the context of my other books, including Sisyphusina (PANK Books), in his review at Intercapillary Space (based in the UK). You can read what he has to say here. And here’s an excerpt:

Shira Dentz is an author who willingly courts the term “hybrid”. She began as a graphic designer working in the music industry, and you can see that background in the remarkable care given to the presentation of how do i net thee; its jacket, title page, the intricate typesetting and visual layouts. Some of her other books, such as door of thin skins (2013, about psychological abuse) and Sisyphusina (2020, about women’s aging and beauty) intermix a lot of documentary and fictional prose. These books admit content in a way that much experimental poetry doesn’t; in other words, the kind of content we’re inclined to call “straightforward”, though the books themselves show how “straightforward” isn’t an adequate description.

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