door of thin skins

is reviewed in Chronogram‘s annual poetry roundup in its June 2014 issue here.  The lineup of poets and books are:

Celia Bland/Dianne Kornberg – Madonna Comix (William James)
Shira Dentz – door of thin skins (CavanKerry)
Sarah Heady – Niagara Transnational (Fourteen Hills)
Kasey Jueds – Keeper (U. Pittsburgh)
David Kherdian – Living in Quiet (Tavnon)
Jeffrey McDaniel – Chapel of Inadvertent Joy (U. Pittsburgh)
Will Nixon – My Clone (Bushwhack)
Michael Perkins – A Splendor Among Shadows (Bushwhack)
Gretchen Primack – Doris’ Red Spaces (Mayapple)
Donna Reis – No Passing Zone (Deerbrook)
Michael Ruby – American Songbook (Ugly Duckling)
Rebecca Schumejda – Waiting at the Dead End Diner (Bottom Dog)

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