how do i net thee is reviewed in The Iowa Review

Ralph Pennel reviews how do i net thee at The Iowa Review

The essential idea behind string theory is this: all fundamental particles of the Standard Model (which describes both the building blocks out of which t

he world is made and the forces through which these blocks interact) are really just different vibrating, oscillating strings. And, in many ways, this is also the shape that any work of art’s meaning takes inside us. This meaning vibrates within us at such a frequency that we are provided with ways to see how consciousness is also a consistent and fundamental component of the structure of the universe. how do i net thee, the latest collection of poetry by Shira Dentz, works to attempt just that. Each poem in the collection is a net, each line a thread, shaping and bending the fabric of meaning and what the fabric means within us. The book challenges us to simultaneously accept improbability and the improbability of singular interpretation, to work toward and against attempting to unify our curiosities, to accept that the greater truth eschews we even attempt to accept this truth. And it does so masterfully. Read more here

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