FLOUNDERS: An interview at Ploughshares’ blog

Koh Xin Tian interviews me about FLOUNDERS, my new e-chap from Essay Press (downloadable for free at Essay Press here)!

1DentzGLcover1-3b386aefb3Koh Xin Tian: Journaling, poetry, prose, and the intersection of different registers and styles of text come together in the form of your poetry chapbook FLOUNDERS. In the introduction, you write: “I want the texture of this work to be soft like wax, melting in places though not evaporating, some spots more hardened than others. The text throughout this chapbook shifts between fragments, sentences, poetry, prose, visual elements, objective/subjective content, up-close and distant perspectives.” As a graphic designer and writer, does the macro come before the micro or vice versa for you when you are picturing a completed product?


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